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Leasing underway for The Gateway at Koa Ridge
Pacific Business News - Jun 4, 2024
"Castle & Cooke is excited to be bringing The Gateway at Koa Ridge to market," Christopher Lovvorn, vice president – commercial development for Castle & Cooke Properties, Inc., said in an email to Pacific Business News. "The Gateway is expected to be approximately 300,000 square feet of prime Central Oahu retail space integrated over approximately 25 acres." ...more

Building Community at Koa Ridge: Hawaii’s First “Surban” Planned Development
KHON2 Living808 - May 31, 2024
"Castle & Cooke is fostering a strong sense of community at Koa Ridge, a master-planned community in Central Oʻahu. Emphasizing the philosophy “Where We Live, Inspires How We Live,” Koa Ridge integrates art, music, culture, and events into every aspect of the community. Here, neighbors become family, creating a vibrant and connected atmosphere. ...more

Koa Ridge – Where we live inspires how we live
StarAdvertiser - May 5, 2023
"Where we live has a profound impact on our daily lives. From our homes to our neighborhoods, every aspect of our environment influences how we interact with the world around us. For those who are fortunate to call Hawaiʻi home, this sentiment rings especially true. ...more

Filtration infrastructure at Koa Ridge development is a first for Hawaiʻi
Hawaii Public Radio - February 10, 2023
"Future residents of Koa Ridge will never see the major construction projects underway right now by Castle & Cooke Homes Hawaiʻi. That's because much of this work will be buried beneath the streets and homes. ...more

Building Up Koa Ridge
Pacific Business News - February 10, 2023
"Building a house is predictable. But there’s no playbook for the creation of a massive residential development like Koa Ridge. 'Every single site is different and every development is different...' said Darian Chun, director of site development at Castle & Cooke Homes Hawaii, Inc. ...more

New Neighborhoods at Koa Ridge Improve Livelihood for Locals
Construction Preview 2023 Magazine - January 2023 Issue
"At the end of 2022, we excitedly moved in more than 400 families who now call Koa Ridge home. With another 100 homebuyers awaiting the completion of their units, Castle & Cooke Homes continues to see a strong demand for brand-new homes in central O'ahu. ...more

Castle & Cooke Hawai'i named Developer of the Year at the 2022 NAIOP Kukulu Hale Awards
Hawaii Business Magazine- June 16, 2022
"After breaking ground in 2017 and launching the first home sales in July 2020, Castle & Cooke’s 576-acre Koa Ridge development – an innovative, mixed-use community in Central O‘ahu – is visibly coming to life. ...more

KOA RIDGE: Designed and built by local companies for local families
Hawaii Home + Remodeling - March 14, 2022
"Koa Ridge is Castle & Cooke's new "surban" master-planned community in Central Oahu that combines the conveniences of urban living with the beauty and peacefulness of a suburban location. Residents can shop, dine and socialize in an interconnected community ...more

Castle & Cooke Hawaiʻi plans a more urban future after Koa Ridge development
Hawaii Public Radio - February 11, 2022
"Castle & Cooke Hawaiʻi’s Koa Ridge in Central Oʻahu is well on its way to becoming one of the island’s newest residential neighborhoods... Vice President of Residential Operations Garret Matsunami... [shares] the status of Koa Ridge and what comes next. ...more

Hawaii construction still going after strong 2020
Hawai'i Business Magazine - March 28, 2021
"...Koa Ridge, Castle & Cooke Hawaii’s 3,500 subdivision in Central Oahu, delivered its first 47 homes last year and expects to build another 200 this year, including single-family detached homes, duplexes and 50 affordable units." ...more

Charles Kaneshiro Discusses Creativity in Architecture and Passion for Health & Wellness
Hawai'i Business Magazine - March 8, 2021
"[Charles Kaneshiro, President and COO of G70] shares conversations G70 has made with the i-ON group, Wahiawa hospital and others regarding their development of the new Koa Ridge medical campus and plans to make it a ‘hospital of the future’." ...more

For the People of Hawaiʽi
DDC Journal - Winter 2020 Issue
"On the heels of its wildly successful Mililani community on the island of O'ahu, master planner and real estate firm Castle & Cooke Hawaiʽi is forging ahead on a new master-planned community that keeps Hawaiian citizens at the forefront." ...more

Castle & Cooke Hawaiʽi launches sales of first commercial lots at Koa Ridge
Pacific Business News - December 18, 2020
"The land is located between the first residential areas of Koa Ridge — separated by a landscaped buffer zone — and the area planned for a medical center that will include a new hospital." ...more

At long last, Koa Ridge welcomes its first family after over 20 years
Star Advertiser - November 21, 2020
"It’s been a long road, but the master-planned community of Koa Ridge in Waipio finally welcomed its first family Friday." ...more

Koa Ridge finally happening
Pacific Business News - July 10, 2020
"Harry Saunders joined Castle & Cooke 45 years ago, working on the 16,000-home Mililani master-planned community before rising to become the Hawaiʽi division's president." ...more

Builder Magazine - July 1, 2020
"Castle & Cooke Hawaiʽi has announced that it will soon open sales at Koa Ridge, a new master-planned community in Mililani, Hawaiʽi." ...more

Castle & Cooke to begin sales for Koa Ridge community
Pacific Business News - June 30, 2020
"Castle & Cooke Hawaiʽi has announced that it will soon begin sales of its Koa Ridge community in Mililani." ...more

Koa Ridge home sales to begin
KHON2 News - June 29, 2020
"Sales are set to begin soon for a housing project in central Oahu." ...more

Koa Ridge to finally offer homes for sale in July
Star Advertiser - June 28, 2020
"COVID-19 is depressing Hawaiʽi’s housing market, but the developer of Koa Ridge in Central Oahu is very eager to sell homes after more than 20 years of planning the new community." ...more

Ho‘ala Trail – Walk or Bike Nearly Everywhere

Ho‘ala Trail is a 7.5-mile interconnected pedway that will provide residents with the option to walk or bike to parks, services, and amenities located throughout Koa Ridge. It’s both convenient and healthy.

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