Our Neighborhood- The Mililani Community 

Mililani is Castle & Cooke Hawaii's master-planned residential development adjacent to the Mililani Technology Park. A thriving community of over 37,000 residents, Mililani is a complete community with a variety of schools, churches, shopping centers, parks, recreation centers and a public library serving the area.
Mililani's high-quality lifestyle is reflected in its 1986 "All-America City Award." No other community in Hawaii has received this prestigious recognition.
The climate of Central Oahu, like the rest of the island, is mild.

Average Temperature

Summer: 82
Winter: 75


Mililani is centrally located and served by the H-2 Freeway. It is less than 15 minutes from Honolulu International Airport and only 25 minutes from Downtown Honolulu.


The Mililani Town Association operates six recreation centers with a variety of programs and special amenities. A city-owned gymnasium also offers a wide range of opportunities. Youth sports leagues are extensive, well-organized and play a large role in the community.

Mililani Offers:

  • 6 recreation centers
  • 5 swimming pools
  • 12 tennis courts
  • 15 parks

The Mililani area is served by:

  • 3 shopping centers
  • 3 supermarkets
  • 3 drug stores
  • 60 specialty stores
  • 25 restaurants
  • 5 theaters
  • 11 financial institutions
  • 17 schools


The homes in Mililani come in a range of floor plans and price levels. All homeowners belong to the Mililani Town Association, a nonprofit organization charged with maintaining the common areas and enforcing the design standards that help to maintain good property values in the community. 

Employment pool:

Central Oahu offers a highly skilled and readily available workforce for companies locating to Mililani Technology Park.
A study by Omnitrak Research Group revealed an employment base well educated and adept in technology-related skills. Of the approximately 65,000 adult workforce in Central Oahu:
  • 50% have used a computer on the job
  • 25% have a computer at home
  • 46% have experience in jobs requiring fine work with the hands
  • 29% currently work repairing electronic or mechanical equipment
  • 37% are college educated (54% in Mililani)
These people are very anxious to work at Mililani Technology Park:
  • 63% expressed interest in working at Mililani Technology Park
  • 48% would leave their current job to do so
  • 59% currently must work in Honolulu, though most would prefer to work closer to home