Amenities and High Tech Infrastructure

Fiber Optic Communications

Mililani Technology Park is equipped with broadband fiber optic cable, providing superior communications for Park tenants. Park users also benefit from the cost savings associated with Hawaii's position as the Asia-Pacific hub of AT&T's fiber optic network. Time Warner Oceanic Cable Road Runner service is also available.

Maui Supercomputer Access

Mililani Technology Park has access to one of the world's most powerful supercomputer systems, the IBM POWERparallel SP2reg., located at the Maui High Performance Computing Center in Kihei, Maui. This system is linked to other research institutions on the U.S. mainland by the longest transoceanic fiber-cable in existence.

Foriegn-Trade Zone

The Mililani Technology park has been designated a Foreign-Trade Zone by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Park businesses who wish to activate the Zone may realize significant savings by avoiding U.S. customs duties, taxes, and bonds. Within the Zone, companies may land and store imported goods indefinitely, free of customs requirements.

Enterprise Zone Status

Entitles qualified companies to important state and county tax incentives. The state tax incentives include exemption from general excise tax for seven years; an income tax credit starting at 80% the first year and an income tax credit equal to 80% of the unemployment insurance premiums paid during the first year. City incentives include property tax abatements, priority permit processing, building permit waivers and priority consideration for important federal program monies

Day Care Center on Premises

Established in 1968, Kama'aina Care, Inc. has been committed to serving the child care needs of Hawaii's families for over 25 years. Kama'aina Kids in the Mililani Technology Park is the first child care center in the Mililani area to offer both preschool and school-age child care services such as holiday care, summer day camps as well as recreational gymnastics. Priority is given to children of employees who work for companies located at the Park. Call (808) 623-1322 for more information.