b'A Community Inspired By TheLand And Culture.Our journey began by talking to local families and cultural experts with historical ties to the area and the ina (land). We also engaged with kpuna, highly respected elders and keepers ofThe woven lau koa ancestral knowledge of the region, who provided essential guidance during the birth of this uniquepattern represents community. After studying the moolelo (historicalthe strength that accounts) and local botanical information, a modern interpretation of Koa Ridges history wasbinds the Koa Ridge developed, symbolically represented by lau koa,community together.Hawaiian for koa leaves.Designed by local artist Manaola Yap, the distinctive lau koa pattern came to life through the traditional art of ohe kpala (bamboo stamping). In ancient times, artisans skilled in pattern placement carved intricate designs in native ohe (bamboo laths), inspired by the mountains, sea, and sky. The repeating patterns tell the life story of the land and its people. In this case, creating a new home in which to grow.'