b'Castle & Cooke HawaiiProud To Be Part Of Hawaiis Past, Present, And Sustainable Future.Formed in 1851 by Samuel Northrup Castle and Amos Starr Cooke, Castle & Cooke began as a Hawaii merchant partnership and has grown into a diverse family of world-renowned companies. Our Hawaii portfolio includes residential and commercial real estate management and development, agritourism, retail, food and beverage, and aviation services.With local community planning excellence spanning several decades, Castle & Cooke has delivered more than 24,000 homes in Hawaii, including over 16,000 homes in our flagship master-planned community of Mililani, which was named an All-America City in 1986 by the National Civic League.Today, Castle & Cookes legacy continues as one of the states premier developers of master-planned communities with Koa Ridge, a smart, sustainable, and vibrant home for Hawaii residents to live, grow, and thrive.'