The Castle & Cooke Difference

Castle & Cooke’s roots in our Islands run deep. We boast a time-honored legacy that spans more than 160 years and revolves around our mission: investing in Hawai‘i, creating communities and delivering dreams. In short, a legacy of providing for the needs of Hawai‘i.

Formed in Honolulu in 1851 by merchant partners Samuel Northrup Castle and Amos Starr Cooke, Castle & Cooke began as a business partnership that has grown into a company respected around the world.

Castle & Cooke, Inc. was incorporated in Hawai‘i on October 10, 1995, as the successor to the real estate and resort business of Dole Food Company, Inc. The Company’s diversified businesses include residential and commercial real estate management and development, agritourism, retail, food and beverage, and aviation services.

By fostering the development of new business divisions, the company adapts its operations to reflect the needs of our diverse communities. These strategic efforts have planted the seeds for future innovations that will continue to honor Hawai‘i’s people and its way of life.

We are proud to be a part of Hawai‘i’s history and responsibly embrace its future.